About Pendeja Studio

We launched a grant fund to provide Maine’s marginalized communities with a resource to help
them thrive. 10% of our profits are funneled to our Support Your Local Immigrants Grant Fund.

Lanzamos un fondo de subvenciones para ayudar a las comunidades marginadas en Maine a
prosperar. El 10% de nuestras ganancias se destina a nuestro Fondo de subvenciones para
apoyar a sus inmigrantes locales.

Our designs aim to deconstruct traditional cultural norms, & aim to highlight the disparity that immigrant families, & ESPECIALLY the first-generation immigrant children face while assimilating to a new country & culture for survival.


Highlighting Diversity

In 2019, Pendeja Studio facilitated 2 photoshoots, 1 video shoot, & a pop-up shop all highlighting the diversity within the communities of color here in Portland, & also featured collaborations with La Bodega Latina & Maíz Colombian Street Food.


Direct Action

In 2020, we redistributed emergency funds from a grant we received to BIPOC people in need of anything from a warm meal to art supplies due to COVID. This later evolved into our SYLI Grant Fund. We also spent a good portion of the year prioritizing making masks for the community, & we also launched a web-based workshop free for BIPOC. By the end of the year, Alex quit her day job to pursue Pendeja Studio full-time.


The Vision

Aside from our seasonal drops & content creation, our goal going forward for 2021 is to roll out the debut of our SYLI Grant Fund, & continue our web-based workshops, & maybe even open a storefront that could double as a community hub for creativity. Thank you for being here <3

Alexandra Cuadros Espadiny

La Jefa

Alex is a first-generation Colombian-American designer from South Florida. She is the creative director & founder of Pendeja Studio. Her ultimate mission for Pendeja Studio is to facilitate representation for black & brown communities, & to create opportunities for BIPOC by building a collaborative community. Pendeja Studio is a product of an entire lifetime of being told how to look, how to feel, how to act, y que no sea pendeja.